What’s The Difference Between Rabbit Versus Bunny


Do you know rabbits are eaten?

In the world, it is totally amazing how there is a large number of animals one can pick interest in. The number of animals roaming around the surface of the earth is intriguing and funny enough; humans have started discovering how delicious a meal some of these animals can be.

Of course, most people are quite familiar with pork, chicken, turkey, beef, and some other common meats, but if I may ask, how familiar are you with rabbits? Have you tasted the meat of those small cute creatures?

When I say cute, they are charming – I saw some few weeks ago at a friend’s place, and I kept wondering why someone would want to hurt such little cute creatures…laughs.

But then I thought again that maybe this cuteness is a hint on how sweet they taste. If you have not tried this animal before, I am sure you are also wondering how rabbits taste.

To some people, eating rabbits does not sound strange but if this seems odd to you, then be my guest as I go ahead to tell you more about these animals, their taste and the taste of their young ones.

Who does not know what a rabbit is?

Rabbits are species of animal born into the Leporidae family. They are mammals with long distinctive ears, whiskers, short tails, powerful back legs, and divided upper lips. Naked, cute and delicate.

They have eyes located high on the sides of their heads, and this makes them farsighted. They live in a deeply hidden ground tunnel called warrens, and they make rooms for nesting and sleeping in these secured warrens, including multiple entrances for a quick escape.

When I mentioned ‘delicate’ earlier, I might have said that based on their looks at first sight, but then, these animals have legs that are far from ‘delicate.’ Their legs are powerful and fast, and this alone has earned them the title of ‘one of the fastest animals on planet earth.’

These mammals are fun to rear and just like dogs and cats, they can recognize their owners by voice or sight, and they also bond closely with their owners.

Rabbits love to be cuddled and stroked, but only a few like being carried because most of them feel unsecured when they are held high from the ground. They are herbivores; meaning they feed on plants and vegetation.

Their Species

There are more than 30 species of them around the world, and the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognizes 49 breeds. To mention a few, there is the Argente Brun, American Fuzzy Lop, American Sable, Blanc de Hotot, Beveren, Belgian Hare, Californian, Britannia Petite, Champagne d’Argent, English Spot, Dwarf Hotot, Flemish Giant, Florida White, Giant Chinchilla, Himalayan, Lilac, New Zealand, Polish, and Tan.

These breeds mentioned are scattered almost all over the world except for West Indies, Madagascar, and southern South America.

Rabbits can grow in the wild and can also be domesticated. They are generally small, but some can be as big as a cat, and some can even grow as big as a small child

Bunny – the young one of the rabbit

Rabbits breed two to four times a year, and for each pregnancy, they produce three to eight bunnies (bunny is the term for the young one of a rabbit; some other persons call them kittens). Because they are still young, bunnies are smaller with more succulent flesh

Health benefits of rabbit meat

Amazingly, rabbit meat is jam-packed with lots of benefits to the body. Those benefits are highlighted below.

Quality protein

whether it is a bunny or a rabbit, rabbit meat is rich in quality proteins.

Low in fats and calories

rabbit meat is very low in fats and calories compared to pork and chicken. In 100 grams of rabbit meat, you only have 6 grams of fat, which is found around the fillet and thigh joints.

Rich in vitamins

rabbit meat is very rich in Vitamin B12 and B3.

A good source of minerals

it is also high in potassium and phosphorus.

Gives selenium

rabbit meat also provides selenium, a trace element that boosts the immune system.

Rich in Omega 3

Rabbit meat is rich in omega three than chicken or pork.

How do rabbit and bunny meats taste?

Let me go straight to the point: rabbit meat tastes like chicken. Whether it is a rabbit or a bunny, the meat tastes just like chicken. So, if you are a big fan of chicken, then do not waste time to try out rabbit meat…you will definitely love it!

Rabbit versus Bunny

There is no much difference between a bunny and rabbit meat since both are the same animal just that bunny is a young rabbit and rabbit is a fully grown one

Asides that rabbit meat is rich in nutrients; this meat is also deliciously rich with flavor. The difference between bunny and rabbit meat is in terms of tenderness and which cooks faster.

Bunny meat also tastes like chicken, but it is slightly different in that it produces softer and tenderer meats than rabbits.

Rabbit meat requires more cooking and can be a bit chewy, unlike the bunny meat, which cooks faster and comes out all succulent.

Wild rabbit meat is usually tougher than the meat of a domesticated rabbit.

Now that you’ve known how a rabbit and a bunny taste, including their differences, let’s briefly talk on how you can cook rabbit meat.

How to cook a rabbit or bunny meat

Fast-cooking means you will cook it just like you cook your chicken; that is steaming and frying in a pan.

Slow-cooking, however, helps you to find the real flavor of the meat. It is a process of cooking your rabbit meat at a low temperature for a long time and in a submerged liquid. Your rabbit meat will eventually come out all tasty and flavored.

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