Yoder vs Rec Tec: Which is the Better Option?


You found this article because you are probably struggling to find the best pellet grill on the market, and you are looking for advice. You came to the right place!

In this Yoder vs Rec Tec comparison, we will have a short head-to-head comparison of two of the best brands, and in the end, we’ll hope that it will be easier for you to come up with the right decision.

Yoder vs Rec Tec


Between the two brands of top pellet grills, Rec Tec is the more popular, and hence, you will find it available in more stores. It is hard to talk about BBQ grills and smokers without mentioning Rec Tec. Most online stores and shops are offering Rec Tec grills, making it easier to buy.

In contrast, Yoder is a less popular brand, so you can find it only in select retailers. Even online, it is quite challenging to find a reputable seller offering grills from the company.


Without a doubt, most of you will decide on the basis of price. Some are looking for budget-friendly alternatives without compromising quality. If you are looking for cheap pellet grills, we suggest that you choose Rec Tec.

They have products for every budget, so it is not difficult to find a model that suits your needs. For as low as $600, you can find a reliable grill at Rec Tec.

On the other hand, Yoder grills are expensive. Perhaps, one of the reasons why they are not available in many stores is because of their steep prices. The cheapest grill from Yoder retails at about $900 on average.


Most people buy pellet grills not only to be used in the patio or backyard. They make a great companion to outdoor adventures, including tailgating and camping.

With this, if you are looking for one that is easy to move around, Rec Tec is the better option. From the models that are available on their website, the most portable seems to be the Rec Tec R340. It weighs only 80 pounds, which makes it the perfect choice for tailgating.

Yoder pellet grills are slightly less portable. Although, you won’t have a problem moving it around since they have wheeled construction. The most portable is the YS840 S, which weighs 277 pounds.

Cooking Capacity

Are you looking for the best pellet grill 2022 that is perfect for small groups? If yes, then we suggest the Rec Tec R340, which is made for tailgating. It has 340 square inches of main cooking area. There is an optional second shelf that is great if you need additional space for warming and preparation.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a commercial-sized grill and smoker, the biggest from Rec Tec is the Chuckwagon RT-TMG, which has a total cooking area of 2,400 square inches.

The biggest unit from Yoder does not come far behind. The Cimmaron S Pellet Competition Grill and Smoker has a cooking area of 2,225 square inches.

Overall Quality

The quality of the two brands is hard to match. However, take note that the Rec Tec grills are designed exclusively for home use.

If you are looking for premium construction and superior quality, Yoder tops the list. Their grills and smokers are designed for competitions and commercial use, which also explains why it is the more expensive option.


Now, we came to the hardest part of this Yoder vs Rec Tec comparison – choosing the best pellet grill. It is hard to pick one that stands out over the others. At the end of the day, it all depends on personal preferences, including your budget and the intended purpose of the grill.

If you are looking for a more affordable pellet grill that does not compromise features and functionality, Rec Tec is the better option. They are easy on the pocket but exceptional in terms of performance.

On the other hand, if you are a more serious griller who does not mind spending, Yoder grills are perfect. They are specifically great for commercial or competition use.

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